"🧶Miniature versions of your loved ones, accompanied by heartfelt personalized gift cards"

Eras Mi Favorito Hola


Creating Unforgettable Memories!

Discover a unique and heartfelt gift with My Dollfy! Handcrafted with love and attention to detail. Join thousands of happy customers and order your own personalized crochet doll today ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!



Crafted with Love, One Stitch at a Time

Meticulously handcrafted, ensuring every stitch is made with love and care. Each doll is a unique masterpiece that embodies the artistry of our skilled artisans.

Personalized Cards for Unforgettable Moments

Extra touch of emotion to your special moments. Customized with heartfelt messages, they make the perfect accompaniment to our handmade dolls, creating cherished memories.

Sustainable Elegance

Experience the epitome of eco-friendly luxury with our dolls crafted using premium, recycled polyester yarn. Our commitment to sustainability shines through as we create beautiful dolls that bring joy while being kind to the environment.

Why choose us?

Worldwide Delivery

We ship doll globally with fully tracked shipping methods. Free shipping on all orders over $99!

Unlimited Revisions

You can choose service preview your doll once it's ready, and you can request any changes you like before we ship your order

Top Customer Support

Our customer support team work 24/7 via email, as well as live chat. We're very quick to help

Over 500,000+ Customers

Hundreds of thousands of dolls have been gifted, proving the quality of our products

Can I upload multiple photos?

Yes, you can upload multiple photos, and we recommend providing clear and detailed images to help our skilled artisans create the most accurate custom crochet dolls for you.

I don't have full-body photos. Can you still make the doll?

Yes, we can create a doll even without full-body photos. You can provide notes specifying the details or aspects you'd like us to include. If you don't provide specific instructions, we'll do our best to create a doll that closely resembles your preferences based on the available images.

Can I order multiple dolls in one photo?

Certainly! You can select the number of dolls you'd like to order and provide us with your specific requirements for each one. We'll do our best to create the perfect dolls for you

Do you only make pet dolls for dogs?

No, we can create custom dolls of various animals. Please note that our illustrative images don't limit us to making only dog dolls.

What are the dimensions of the accompanying card for the doll?

The dimensions of the card that comes with the doll are 6x4 inches. Additionally, the card is coated with a durable, wrinkle-resistant lamination, ensuring its longevity.

How long does it take to complete my doll?

Our dolls are handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The typical completion time is between 5 to 7 days.

Can I see a preview of the doll before it's finalized?

We offer a preview service for a fee of$19.95that allows you to see and approve the doll before it is finalized. This fee covers the individual attention and customization we provide, including taking photos and making unlimited revisions. If you choose not to opt for this package, we will proceed with creating and shipping the doll without a preview to ensure you receive it as quickly as possible.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do. We ship worldwide to ensure our dolls reach customers all over the globe


Due to high demand and limited number of skilled artisans, orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may experience a waiting period if you don't place your order early. Therefore, if you truly desire this product, please place your order as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery for your special occasion.

If you have any further questions, please email us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Lily M.
Loved one in heaven

It came out absolutely perfect down to every detail. I would definitely order from here again! Thank you dollfy..

Just Beautiful

I love,love,love these dollies. I had ordered a few of the mini ornaments and I just had to order more. The detailing is amazing and I love how you can custom them. It's a great inspiration to have when you have lost loved ones and want to hold on to their memories. Thank you soo much

Katie T.
My dad

These were perfect, ordered 4 for my kids to remember their Pop Pop. Absolutely love them.

Esther B.
Grandpa dolls

The dolls over exceeded my expectations. They are amazing. I will definitely order again. Thank you

Julia C.
Absolutely nailed it!

I got the 8” doll of my grandma for a Mother's Day to gift to my mom! She’s been passed for a couple years and Mother’s Day is still very hard for her.. let’s just say, she sobbed the hardest I’ve ever seen. I did the choice to make corrections if needed and went back-and-forth a couple times with the designer to get the most precise doll! They nailed it from the colors of her pink and white muumuu down to her little smirk, rosie cheeks and cup of coffee in her hand. I’m in awe of what this company does! Thank you Dollfy!!!

Missing dad

I was curious and skeptical but I’m so glad I placed my order. I love that they were able to create dad’s prosthetic leg. This is the cutest thing ever. After the post office lost my package, they made and shipped me a new doll without any extra fees. Definitely worth the wait. ♥️

Mary P.
bestfriend an husband

My best friend just loved it an so did her husband he said that is real cool

Brittany B.
He’s perfect

I can’t thank you guys enough for making my dad’s doll. The care and attention to detail just blows my mind. I wish I had recorded my daughter seeing it. She gasped and smiled sooooo big and exclaimed “PAPA?!” “How did you get this?” Seriously made my day. You don’t know how special this is to us!

A gift for my son looks so good

My husband passed away very suddenly 11/17/23 leaving me with our at the time 2 month old. I got this doll for my son so when he gets older he can carry his dad around. I’m honestly so happy with how close they got the doll to the picture they even added a guitar to my order it’s so wonderful thank you for giving my son his daddy!

Kristina L.

It came out so perfect!! It’s exactly what I asked for!! I can’t wait to give it to my grandma 😊 thank youuuuu