Thank you for your interest in My Dollfy products and our customizable features. These features are inspired by the feedback of our loyal customers, helping you preserve memories within our dolls and cards. It's a perfect gift to cherish and share memories with loved ones, or to keep for yourself. These options are additional, so you can still choose just the doll and standard card for a sincere and special gift.


This feature allows you to record sound inside the doll, whether it's their own voice for personal memories or your message as a gift. Choose this option, and we'll provide a small zip at the back of the doll and a compact recording device for you to record and change anytime (Note that because our recording device is quite large, it is only suitable for dolls from 12 inches)

Take a look at our VOICE RECORD function in action

4 steps to use VOICE RECORDER

1. Rotate the voice recorder cap and hold the small button inside to record. You can playback pre-recorded content or record your own voice (up to 30s).

2. Press the round button on the device to listen back. If unsatisfied, you can record again without limits.

3. Place inside the doll. Insert the device head inside so pressing the doll's belly activates the device button and plays the sound.

4. Enjoy the gift with sound memories. Check satisfaction, lock the doll, and record again anytime by removing it.


This feature is printed on the accompanying card with the doll. We'll redesign the card layout and add a QR code. When scanned, it displays a video or image message of your choice. The card is perfect for display in your living room or as a gift for others to scan.

4 steps to use QR CODE

1. Upload your desired video for the QR code in the custom doll image upload section (Comes with a photo of wanting to be a doll)

2. We'll redesign the card and embed the QR code containing your video.

3. Receive the durable heat-pressed card with QR code along with your doll.

4. Gift the card to the recipient, who will be pleasantly surprised when they scan the QR code for your thoughtful gift.